Joe Sheldon Shaw

Bilmola USA is pleased to announce that Joe Sheldon Shaw will be representing our brand as the Bilmola Racer in The British Superbike. Joe will be racing with a GSXR1000 under the Forward Vision Team in the Superstock Class, and we have no doubt that he will perform exceptionally well …Read More

Travis Wyman

This is another exciting year for the partnership of Bilmola USA and Travis Wyman, as they embark on a collaboration project to develop a special design racing helmet for the MotoAmerica competition. The helmet is specially crafted to meet…Read More


The “Buddy3” helmet features a bold and patriotic graphic design that pays homage to the iconic American flag. The design incorporates the classic colors of red, white, and blue, as well as stars and stripes, all in a sleek and stylish arrangement that’s sure to turn heads on the track …Read More