Bilmola Warranty
Only Covers Problems From
Materials Or Manufacturing.

Bilmola Warranty Not Included The Product In The Following Cases Any Damage Of

  1. Fall or accident
  2. Any modification made by the user or a third party (glue, adhesives, paint, screws, etc.)
  3. Applying of harmful chemical products (including methylated spirits on the visor treatments), or an intense heat source
  4. incorrect use: abnormal conditions (e.g. underwater), lack of maintenance or care
  5. ageing due to normal wear of the inner fabrics or foams, the appearance of the external parts, or the visor (scratches, marks, etc.)
  6. abnormal and prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light, in particular for the decorative colours.

In addition, Bilmola not consider subjective considerations related to use of the helmet as defects covered by the warranty: problems with comfort, size, noise or whistling, aerodynamics, etc.

Bilmola guarantees exclusively the helmet and its components for a period of one years from the purchasing date as regards conformity defects. Bilmola undertakes to repair the defective product (or one of its part) or to replace it, with no extra charge for the parts if customers send the product to our location or our dealership that customers purchased.